first day school

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It looks like Madam’s got a place at a really good school. Her name is down, forms have been delivered and they have two spaces in her year. We’re just waiting for the Governors to sign off the forms and this part fills me with dread. We are well out of their catchment area; so what happens if someone who lives nearer arrives and delivers their forms before mine have been signed off – do they jump ahead?

My need to know meant I had to ring the dragon secretary who terrifies me and ask.

‘Mrs FourFun we’ve only had your forms since Monday, you need to be a little bit patient, it won’t take long!’

Patience has never been one of my strongest points so when it comes to my child’s education and in all honesty having had them all at home far too long it doesn’t come easily.

Fingers crossed there’ll be good news next week and until then I have to relax and be patient which had me thinking back to this…

First Day of School
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Her first day of school just 2 years ago; she was so tiny her feet didn’t touch the ground when she sat in her chair for the whole first year. Oh dear, here we go again..!