Memory Lane…

I took a little trip down memory lane the other day. I drove past my husband and I’s first flat, well actually that’s not strictly true as it was in a cute little cul-de-sac so I detoured slightly to visit. It was still there looking exactly the same but at the same time completely different – it’s unfamiliar now! An echo of our past which seems so long ago; before marriage, before children…
We were so young when we bought it and lucky too. It was not meant to be on the market but a deal had fallen through and it had not been re-valued so it remained in our price range when it probably should have cost more. We put all these circumstances down to fate and bought it immediately – well I say we but actually I was so set on having it I put in an offer before Hubs had even seen it.
It was far from perfect though. The bathroom was mouldy, the ancient triple glazed windows always damp from condensation and every room had storage heaters which smelt like a toaster that’s been left on without toast in, they couldn’t be used at all. We put a lot of time and love into doing our best to improve and stamp our mark on it. We took out loans to cover mounting credit card debts and had a lodger, it was tough but we managed.
Nothing removed from the excitement of it being ours the day we moved in with two plastic chairs and a mattress! We saw being right under the Heathrow flight path and the planes waking us up as a quirk. When we heard Concord’s engines start to hum we knew it was time for Eastenders and when it took off the glasses in the kitchen rattled and conversation had to pause.
It was sad the unfamiliarity had all gone from a place we were so fond of. It was nothing special but it was ours and here we are now four children later, no richer, no poorer hoping once more for the same – a home to call our own. The big move is on Saturday, we will really be settled then and celebrate this Christmas in our own home.