The countdown is on..!

Advent Candles
Last week Madam came home with homework about Advent and a nice calendar counting down each day – but I only got it out the bag today!
I wouldn’t exactly call myself disorganised but I’ve done nothing to get ready for Christmas and the thought of it fills me with dread! So much so that I am avoiding social networks where the smug ones announce their Xmas shopping finished and am preferring to listen to nursery rhymes on repeat than risk hearing carols on the radio as they induce feelings of panic!
There’s also a catalogue that’s headed for the window or will make a very pretty Yule Log if poked under my nose too many more times with suggestions of games that we may HAVE to get when Santa produces an X-Box, iPad, WII U, PSVita, Nexus and/or all of the above!?
I have excuses; first I had to find schools for the children and when I did cram all the shopping you usually get 6wks summer holidays to do into 2 days. Then said schools terrified me by producing nursery applications for C. Even though I’m not nearly ready to think about this they must be returned by the end of the week which gives me 9 months to get used to the idea!
Then there’s the house, oh yes it’s happening!! We move next week and it’s unfurnished and most of our belongings are packed along with a huge part of my brain in a shed in Ireland!
I usually love Christmas, I wish the shopping was done and packed away so we could relax and begin festivities, make Christmassy goodies and fill the house with scents of cinnamon and mulled wine – not yet!
Next week once we’ve moved I need to get my jingle on…
I plan to find time to post on here a few of my tricks and tips to being a last minute Christmas Queen – when I fail please don’t stop reading. Instead come and read and treat it like therapy, you’re sure to feel much more prepared for Xmas when compared to us!!