Country Kids in the City…

I don’t think I’ve really gushed about our new house yet; it couldn’t be more perfect! I’m quite sure the Estate Agent saw us coming and she was clever to tell us the landlord was much more negotiable about the price than he was. By the time we worked that out we were both smitten, it ticked every box; size, parking, location! I still walk around in disbelief that this large family home is really ‘ours’. It’s the little things that really make me love it; loads of built in storage and a real kitchen for cooking with huge surfaces for rolling out icing on!

Oh and did I mention the location..?
We have a tube station on one end of the road, a garden and playing fields behind us so we’re not overlooked on the back and at the other end of the road…

A pond for feeding the ducks, a tree made for climbing, swings, nature walks and lots of paths waiting to be explored!!
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall