cloth bums

Nappy Gurus & our switch to cloth…

Oh how I wish I had discovered these before – I would have saved a fortune. A fortune spent on sending around 4000 disposable nappies per child (and all the mess that goes with them) to landfill where they will sit for hundreds of years!!

I can’t pretend the driving factor in my switch was environmental it’s a great bonus. I stumbled across this post from ‘Would like to be Yummy Mummy’ around the same time as I heard Huggies would no longer be making nappies. Lil’F then in another major brand had weeping nappy sores and with C potty training I made up my mind it was time to eliminate disposables from my life.

A little bit of googling and well – being a Mummy of 4 it’s been a long time since I felt so inexperienced in the baby market! With so many different types, clueless how many I’d need of what and how I turned to twitter. Jess from Catch a Single Thought quickly replied that I should try my local council – who’d have thought??

On my council’s website I found they offered a ‘trial pack’ worth £50, fantastic!! What I had realised from my initial googling was that there would be an initial outlay to cloth nappies but I’d save in the long run. A trial pack would save me any expensive mistakes and add to how ever many of whatever it was I eventually choose. To get one i must attend a ‘nappy natter’ session and this is how I met Saffy.

Saffy is a Nappy Guru for Fill-Your-Pants in Hounslow & Richmond Borough she is a Mummy who has used cloth nappies on both her children and wants to share her experience. I grumbled a bit to my husband about the sessions being during school run time and then emailed her. She couldn’t have been more accommodating offering an evening ‘Nappuccino’ meeting or a visit to her home. I could have easily attended the Nappuccino but wanted to start reusables as quickly as possible so decided to visit.

Her son and mine are the same age and they played happily unpacked every toy in her house whilst she patiently demonstrated cloth nappies, explained their differences, pros & cons and lots of useful tips. I quickly realised there was nothing to them although we still managed to ‘natter’ for 2hrs.

Saffy recommended I immediately switch to reusable wipes for F’s rash she was not pushy or judgemental but I could tell she was passionate about this. Now I use them I know why; within 3 days F’s rash was almost completely clear. The set of wipes comes with a solution of Lavender & Camomile and they smell like something from a spa – after one use I knew I’d never use disposables again.

Saffy personally worked to set up and distribute the council’s trial scheme believing that although vouchers were a nice boost for cloth nappy Mummys they were not the right incentive to tempt non-cloth users to switch. I absolutely agree; without the scheme or her wonderful help it is highly likely I would have found it all too much to work out myself and given up.

Yet it’s not too much; as a busy Mummy to 4 I can confirm they are easy to use, easy to wash, no less reliable than disposables and much more beautiful! Quite inspired by Saffy it is this message and support that I hope to continue to share.

There are so many benefits and so much to say about reusables I hope to share everything we’ve learnt so far over a series of posts in the coming days. As the new Nappy Guru for the London Borough of Ealing I hope to bring ‘Nappy Natter’ sessions to the borough within the next month and encourage the council to introduce an incentive scheme.

In the meantime if you are considering a switch to cloth and need support, advice or a demonstration, find your closest Nappy Guru who will be delighted to help, contact Saffy’s Nappies or me!!