scoot off

Scoot Off…

I’m not sure I’m going to be popular for saying this; I can see from sheer number of the things the majority rule but…

‘Scooters on the school run are a pure menace!’
scooters a menace

I can’t understand it!? Children are knowingly unpredictable so why are we putting them on wheels? Madam’s school is next door to another school and between them there are nearly 1000 pupils – I estimate nearly half of these are scooting which means nearly 400 wobbly children zooming down the pavement towards you!

Factor in buggies, toddlers and the local high school it’s utter chaos.
This is London for gawds sake, the pavements are crowded and busy. I’ve never sympathised much with old people but I do with the ones who are trying to negotiate their way through this mess. In this picture the businessy non-children types can be forgiven for thinking parent’s left their brains in the delivery suite.
You’re not allowed to cycle on the pavement it’s for pedestrians, I wonder how the same parents would judge the high school boys if they all decided to BMX or Skateboard home.
Is it to help the child with the walk home or to speed it up? Generally London catchment means that most schools aren’t without realistic walking distance for a healthy child but if it is this could they not at least be carried past the mess and chaos of the main gate? This seems to be the point where most children are bored by them and the parent is carrying it anyway.
Ok so Micro-Scooters are cool it’s quite clear that once the designer buggy is outgrown and the 4×4 left at home these are the status symbol of the time – take them to the park!!!I’m linking to Mummy Barrow and joining in the other Mummies having a #RantyFriday