What is it about boys..?

Master E went off on his first camp over the weekend, this sparked several discussions about my panic what to pack. The general consensus being that it didn’t matter because they don’t wash or change anyway.

My mum laughed that he had a bigger rucksack than they take for several months cycling. I’ve never been known for packing light but I only included the stuff on the list and suspect his small size makes the bag look bigger than it actually is. Hey, he didn’t have a bike so that’s less, end of!!

Many others said not to worry about a pile of washing as everything in the bag will still be clean when he returns.

So what did E do..?

He wore everything!!

I sent him in black socks which were still on underneath two new pairs of white socks! He had on two pairs of jogging bottoms, 3 t-shirts (and vest) with 2 jumpers on top!!

His father was with him and as E proudly announced that ‘you don’t need to change on camp’ Daddy smirked as I realised he was similarly attired. What do you do with them?

I was of course relieved to know he could actually dress himself as we’ve known since he was a toddler and regularly streaked he can manage the reverse!

Fast forward to Monday and I collect him from school…

“*whispers* I forgot to put my pants on, my willy’s flopping around!”

We get home and he’s so desperate for the toilet so clambers over my seat to get out of the car but his foot gets stuck on the handbrake. He’s half in half out the car and being a slight chap his loose trousers are now round his ankles in the middle of the pavement.

Being the mature mother I am, I can’t help and Madam can’t help as we’re both doubled over in giggles. He’s yelling at us to stop but hopping around because his trousers are round his ankles and he’s desperate for the loo. He did see the funny side when Hubby asked what he’d do if it had been T but not before he’d shouted…



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