Friday Flashback Ghana…

Last week I wrote about #TeamHonk’s visit to Ghana to see the #GoodWork Comic Relief has done here over the past 25 years.

It inspired this Friday Flashback to the wonderful years we spend there as children. I would love to visit this country again as it is filled with my happy childhood memories. The friendly, vibrant people who were always lovely to me and my sister (and asked if we were twins). Days on the beach eating giant prawns and drinking from freshly cut coconuts. Monsoon rains that flooded our grounds and building tree houses from bamboo that were repeatedly removed by the gardeners. Speed boat rides down a river until it met the sea and sliding down mountainous sand dunes on empty beaches….

This is just a handful of photos I instructed my sister to trawl old albums for and scan for me so whilst I’m at it The Gallery theme this week is ‘The Girls’ and here we are because once we were!

So where have #TeamHonk got to..?

They’re gathering other bloggers from far and wide for a Sponsored Climb of Mount Snowdon, and to date date have raised ¬£642. Join or sponsor them, go on you know you want to!