Gone camping…

This evening I waved Master E off on his first Cub Camp (photos to follow, I hope)!
He’s off for 2 nights of adventure but luckily for my nerves Daddy has gone along to assist re-live his youth although he’s warned E he’s not going to hold his hand – what?!
In a panic I went crazy getting him all the essential kit; sleeping bag, fleece liner, fleece pyjamas, torch, etc only to be told that they will be sleeping indoors – so I predict a sweaty boy.
Oh and mess tins…
Daddy wasn’t impressed by my ignorance on these. I was not allowed to buy a plate and bowl because Scouts eat out of mess tins! ‘Eat out of them?’ I thought they sounded like they had a very different purpose.
I’ve rolled clean pants and socks inside each change of clothes in the hope that it might remind him to change his underwear at least once. I’ve even packed soap and a flannel – haha!