pancake day

Happy Pancake Day…

Pancake day

I love pancake day although generally it will be spent stood in the kitchen trying to make them quicker than Master E can devour the things – which is a losing battle!!

This year I was a step ahead and started the night before; I made a whole batch of heart shaped drop style pancakes for this morning’s breakfast and served them with summer berries and a dollop of yogurt!

Obviously I couldn’t wait until this morning for my portion but being a bit over indulgent…

I have named this ‘death by pancake’ not because of the calorific value but due to the fact it’s buried!

Death by pancake

(NB: I had cream instead of yogurt because as mother it’s my prerogative to preach healthy eating yet do the opposite!)


This afternoon I got more time to experiment whilst the tots were napping. Tonight I will serve crepe style pancakes and let the kids chuck in whatever they fancy. I don’t think you can beat lemon and caster sugar as a topping but for the Tots 100 pancake challenge with Center Parcs I gave it a try. I tried drizzling strawberry sauce in a heart shape but it dissolved to nothing, I chucked sprinkles into a few and got side tracked by the toddler so made him some banana and yogurt ones.

Then I had a rummage in the cupboard and came up with Rocky Road Pancakes..!

Rocky road pancakes

Use a standard pancake mix with self-raising flour for fluffy style pancakes. When cooking and the bubbles begin to appear chuck on top marshmallows, crumbled digestive biscuit and chocolate chips. Make sure bottom is well cooked before you flip because you can’t leave marshmallow side down too long. They will melt a little making them extra delicious. Serve with cream and golden syrup and don’t even try to resist scoffing!