I’m late, I’m late…

First day back after half term and I’m already disorganised and running late. I’m a master at being late it really is a shame that lateness is a negative characteristic. I’m not a dawdler and I usually leave plenty of time to get places but at some point between front door and destination I’m convinced time goes into overdrive. My husband always claims he was never late until he met me and unfortunately the children have inherited his opinions on punctuality.

So running late with children complaining about their mother’s tardiness a cold emerging and far too much left over to do from Sunday I wasn’t feeling particularly super mum!

But somehow I managed to rush out a speedy yet healthy breakfast cereals and was pretty impressed with myself. The children were so delighted that it looked special that I didn’t get one question as to what it was before they’d wolved it down and thoroughly enjoyed.

Jordan’s Super Berry with Yogurt

In all the rush I forgot E’s guitar so got to do the school run twice so grabbed a breakfast bar for myself. Why have I been giving these to the children? I noticed hubby sneaking boxes out the door to have at work but they’d all kept very quiet about how delicious they are – so I scoffed the last bar too, haha!!

E’s been humming this all day, I can’t imagine why and now it’s stuck in my head…



We were sent some cereal and bars to review by Jordan’s, all thoughts and opinions are our own.