Toddler on a mission…

The last few week C has been exceptionally accident prone although I must be quite honest and say I’m a little suspicious of these accidents!

C’s favourite thing at the moment is ambulances, he likes fire engines, dustbin lorries and police cars but ambulances have the edge!

Image via BBC News


Last week he managed to pull a TV on top of himself, injuring his foot and when the limp started getting worse instead of better I had to accept a trip to A&E was necessary.

In our closest A&E dept we enter through one set of doors and across the waiting room is a second set of doors which lead to the ambulance port. I think in C’s mind this waiting room is meant to work like a station; he thinks he’s waiting for an ambulance!!

So after an X-Ray, blood & urine tests and an ECG (for a murmuring heart), diagnosis of a sprain and a clean bill of health, he is still not satisfied…

‘I go in ambulance?’

C has a very placid nature but queue a full blown tantrum which lasts the whole journey home. Exactly what you need after 8hrs in the hospital!

This was Thursday; fast forward to last night and we’re potty training so when he announced he needed the toilet I lifted him out of the bath and popped him on.

I was still holding him when he leant forward, wet bum slipped backwards and he fell head first into the shower, cutting his head. I think I should get a pat on the back for not fainting at the sight, I managed to patch him together ready for the inevitable visit to A&E…

‘I go in ambulance mummy?’

He was glued back together and returned incredibly home incredibly quickly by a stern nurse who didn’t seem amused by me suggesting that he was on a mission to ride in the ambulance. I had to explain what happened to about 4 different people so I will look forward to the visit from the health nurse to check my home.

I will smile and look grateful when she gives me her ‘safety in the home’ booklet and when she checks that I have plug socket covers and stair gates (which I do). I will also do my very best not to question how they may have prevented a toddler’s urge to climb the telly or a slip of the toilet.

Instead I am trying to hunt down a venue where St John’s Ambulance may be in attendance to fulfil C’s ambition before he has another ‘accident’.

Even the stern nurse managed a smile though when checking for amnesia/concussion and asking him what he’d done, he replied…

‘I fell down toilet.’


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