wreck it ralf

Wreck it Ralf hits cinemas on 15th February 2013..!

Taking the children to the cinema over half term – this film really is a must see..!
The latest from Walt Disney’s animation studios ‘Wreck-It-Ralf‘ is based around arcade game character, Ralf who is fed up of being the bad guy. Tired of being overshadowed by his game’s good guy ‘Fix-it-Felix; Ralf sets off on an adventure to prove he’s got what it takes to be a hero and win that illusive gold medal.
On his quest, Ralph meets Sergeant Calhoun from Hero’s Duty and feisty misfit Vanellope von Schweetz in cart racing game Sugar Rush who may just be his first real friend. But everything changes when a deadly enemy is unleashed, threatening the entire arcade and Vanellope herself. Ralph finally gets his chance to save the day—but can he do it in time?
What I loved about this film was it’s ability to appeal across genders and generations. At 8, E is starting to feel a little grown up for some other titles in the Disney collection yet anything based around a computer game is an immediate hit. Madam loved Vanellope’s character and the whole Sugar Rush setting incredibly appealing. Then of course there’s the parent, if anything like us the original gamers who’ll recognise plenty of old characters and far more clever references…

We were invited to a preview screening of Wreck-It-Ralf, all opinions are our own and we enjoyed this film so much we’re going again!