MAD Blog Awards

2013 MAD Blog Awards Finalist…

Yes that’s me..!

The news led to such enormous excitement, I’ve written ‘excited’ so many times that I had to reach for my thesaurus to find alternative words to express my utter delight and disbelief at such an honour.

Sensational – Overwhelming – Impressive – Astonishing

All of those!!

Especially when you read the line-up of other finalists which actually had me muttering in a Wayne’ World Esque Fashion…

‘We’re not Worthy, We’re not Worthy!!’

Now the voting is open and although I feel a bit uncomfortable doing the big ‘vote me’ plea, I did think it was a good idea to publicise that if you want you can vote for me in the Family Fun category.

Thank you if you nominated!!!

I am thoroughly looking forward to attending the awards ceremony and just hope I don’t have a Wayne’s World moment and make a twit of myself!

So after my whirlwind of emotions; I plan to relax and make the most of the whole experience.

Thank you from me and the children who are Family Four Fun…