Can homework be fun..?

When Skylanders asked if we’d like a pack for half-term I thought great, something to keep the children entertained which Skylanders never fails to do…

So I have to admit to being a little bit disappointed when Master E announced that the #SkylandersHalfTerm homework was for me!! Oh haha very funny – I hate homework!!

I hated it as I child and if it’s at all possible I think I hate it even more now. In Ireland the children had homework every day except Fridays. They were tired and just home from school, the toddler was excited to see his siblings and the baby was tired – it was always a manic time in our house. We got into a routine though and generally it was done quickly straight away so they could relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.

In England they only get homework one a week, wonderful – I thought, but no; it’s worse! They get in on a Wednesday or Friday to be done over the weekend. When do I remember the homework? Bedtime on a Sunday night – grrrr!!

Obviously Skylanders homework was much more fun than the normal school stuff. Firstly because E didn’t ‘forget’ it and was sitting there waving it at me first thing every morning. It created quality time instead of the standard frustrated head banging; I read the passage in the workbook with E and then answered the questions. He was a little disappointed on the first day when I only got 3/5 so I studied harder and with E’s help got full marks for the rest of the week.

Was I rewarded for my efforts?

Oh yes indeed, I got this smile when he saw our prize..!

So Mum’s, do you know your Tree Rex from Kaos?

To find out take a look on Skylanders website.


Skylanders sent us a half term homework pack and Chop Chop because we’re very lucky superfans and love sharing Skylanders fun & facts with you.