Easter Eggs

Easter Fun and a bonnet…

I wasn’t particularly thrilled at first when I saw last thing on Friday night that Madam would be requiring an Easter Bonnet for a parade on Monday but considering the weather it turned out to be a perfect weekend to hibernate and get crafty.

Due to the hibernation we had to make everything from odds and ends we had around the house, luckily we have a lot of things for moments of random craftiness.

I couldn’t remember much about making an Easter bonnet except that it usually involved a paper plate which we didn’t have but we did have a bowl! To our bowl we added a brim/fringe of coloured paper and paper flowers. When Madam and I craft it’s inevitable that there’ll be bling so we stuck gems to paper bunny ears and added these too.

We couldn’t get a ribbon to hold it on her head so instead pinned it onto a wooly hat and were rather proud of our flamboyant creation…

Easter bonnet

Our Easter fun didn’t end there; now we had the craft supplies out and lots of ideas we decided to make some decorative eggs. First we blew out the insides in the hope we can keep our eggs for years to come. Then we drew patterns on them with a clear wax crayon before dying them. We were sent some egg dyes by Baking Mad but if you don’t have these you can use normal food dye in water with a tea spoon of vinegar in.

Dying eggs is a messy business but we found using a cupcake tin mostly kept them in their own colours. Finally in the style of Rock n Roll Mum we finished them off with temporary tattoos. Not content with just decorative Easter Eggs, Madam decorated two fresh ones ready for Easter breakfast…

Easter Eggs


Baking Mad sent us an egg decorating kit and some other goodies but we had lots of fun making everything ourselves.