Long Division…

Look at this face, cute yes..?

Don’t be fooled!

She’s been terrifying me since she was born. My beautiful little Madam didn’t get her nickname for nothing!

Bright as a button but sharp as a knife!

There’s no telling her anything…

I’m sitting listening to her do homework with her Grandfather just a tad relieved to be escaping this nightmarish chore. He probably thought this would be a nice way to bond; he’s certainly more than qualified to assist with Year 2 mathematics.

Hell No!! Not according to Madam…

No one not even one of her most admired relatives knows anything better than she does – you can only imagine where I stand on this scale, not a hope!

They’re doing division so Grandpa asks how it’s done to gain her level of understanding.

‘Let me demonstrate. So you have 4 people, hmmmm let’s say, Karen, Bob, Ted & Sarah and 24 sweets. We can give one to Karen, one to Bob, one to Ted etc etc. We keep going around until they all have the same. See Grandpa they all have 6 and that’s the answer.’

After a while the dining room is quite full of fictitious people needing sweets and I hear Grandpa say,

‘Yes but I’m just trying to show you a quicker way because you can’t always share out sweets.’

‘Oh I know Grandpa; for instance you could have apples, pencils or money anything really.’

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