The adventures of Grandma & Grandpa...

The adventures of Grandma & Grandpa…

Part 11 – Sirandthon to Rayong (I think)

It’s another belated round up of the Grandparent’s travels. Like I predicted I did find it hard to keep track of them for 7 months but then I struggle to keep track with where I am at times!

On the 31st January they completed their circle around South-East Asia arriving back in Aranyaprahat where they Skyped E from on his 8th birthday inspiring me to write their story. They had travelled almost 5000km.

But the journey didn’t quite end there, they were headed for Pattaya with drama on the way! There was not just the hazard of dangerous Thai roads to contend with, oh no Grandpa took ill! Late one night I got an email from Grandma quite worried about his condition, so I did what I don’t suggest you do when ill unless you want to diagnose yourself terminal and googled his symptoms. After ruling out Yellow Fever, Cholera, Bubonic Plague and all the other standard stuff I deducted he was probably dehydrated.

After some rehydration powders and more googling and calculating fluids needed and at what rate etc his condition improved. I still have the diagram for this on my phone just in case. Let’s highlight the need here to drink plenty of fluids when travelling in hot climates, especially when undertaking strenuous activity (ie cycling). These two are quite experienced travellers and if they can get caught out, so can you!

So they headed to the coast to rest and recuperate a little before completing their trip in Pattaya, where they passed the 5000km mark (5333km) and announced they needed a holiday!?!

Dear Grandma & Grandma,

Are you coming home soon? Mummy is always busy and suggests things may be more fun when you’re home because she’ll ‘have another set of hands’? We think she is loosing the plot as on top of talking about growing hands she says you’re eating road kill snake! Don’t forget we’ve moved since we left, you can get here with an Oyster Card. Looking forward to lots of adventures with you.

We Miss You

Your Grandchildren

Ps, don’t eat snake it might be poisonous!


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