Easter bath fun

Bathing in sunshine…

We looked out the window and it was snowing; big thick flakes starting to settle the sky was grey and the little ones down in the dumps and full of cold.

Reading about Jennie from Edspire’s new linky really gave me the kick I needed. I haven’t given the younger two many opportunities to explore messy play; the move has really got in the way. I’ve wanted to try a sensory bath with the children for ages and it seemed an easy place to start.

Another reason I haven’t made an effort with messy play is C’s fastidious nature. He was still a little bit concerned often preferring to use the water to wash the paint off than put it on. Though he did a perfect job of copying my eggs on the wall and I was proud and astounded by his ability.

Living in a rented property makes me a little cautious about too much mess but the bathtub keeps it all contained. C helped me get it all ready, mixing bubbles with yellow food colour and adding a few drops of lavender so our bath smelt of flowers. We mixed shaving foam and food colour for paints added some eggs, glitter and sprinkles bringing spring to our bathroom.

Thank you Jennie and Matilda for inspiring us to enjoy this little bit of quality time. This is just the start of our messy adventures and can’t wait to try lots more activities.