‘You’re Gay’…

Master E must’ve heard this being used in the playground – it’s not the first time but I felt he had got to an age where telling him it was another word for happy was no longer fair. So I told him it was a word used for a homosexual man or woman and waited to see if he’d ask any more.

I¬†believe in telling them the facts as they ask but try not to bombard them with complicated information that they’re not ready to hear. He did ask what a homosexual was and so I explained simply it was when a woman loved a woman or man loved a man…

‘Oh well I love Daddy and Grandpa.’

‘Not in the way you love your family but in the way that Mummy loves Daddy.’

I told him it wasn’t nice to call people names and we left it at that… I didn’t want to, I wanted to explain that just because it was different from the norm that didn’t make it wrong or something to be ridiculed. I wanted to tell him that he’s very fond of a couple of gay people and he wouldn’t like to hear people saying unkind things about them. I didn’t though and I didn’t because he’s a kind and caring boy and at 8 I don’t want him campaigning for gay rights, I don’t want him to be laughed at which contradicts my explanation that it’s not something to laugh at.

I did chuckle to myself a little when I heard it though because it sounded so old fashioned, immediately transporting me back to the playground. It’s hard to believe that as much as we and the world may have changed the dynamics in the playground mostly remain the same. Is there anything you can’t believe hasn’t changed since you were at school? Tomorrow is St George’s Day and this seemed to fit… Happy St George’s Everyone! xx