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Health & Safety gone mad..!

What do you make of this one for an expression..!

Not a happy camper?!

Buggy Board
Excuse the snot!

A week of my new school walking routine (after 2nd car failed MOT) with new buggy and board carefully selected with much thought, went almost without hitch until the day I snapped this. I was stopped by a car driver after dropping off the elder children and asked if my baby was ok. Thinking she meant the Lil’F up front who I can’t see whilst walking I panicked a bit and asked why.

‘Sitting like that, he might fall backwards!’

I was so taken aback I asked if she was serious to which she said ‘Health and Safety’. Well this really is health and safety gone bloody mad – a random driver feeling she needs to stop a mother who is far more aware and concerned for her son’s welfare which is what I firmly informed her.

He is not pulling this face because he’s uncomfortable, he is meant to stand on the board but insists on sitting so must like it there. I have attached a strap for him to hold on to and as I am right behind him, he’s not going to fall far!

This is our ‘cross face’ for the stupid woman driving a fast moving vehicle capable of killing yet more interested in the pavement than the road – quoting health and safety..!!!