My life according to…

A few years back this meme was shared with me in Facebook and I filled it in – today I felt inspired to update and share it on with you…

Using only song titles from ONE ARTIST try to answer these questions trying not to repeat a title. Tag 5 others you think will enjoy the challenge and repost as “My life according to…”


Are you male or female..?

One of those Girls

Describe Yourself..?


How do you feel..?

Anything but Ordinary

Describe where you currently live..?

My World

If you could go anywhere..?

Stop Standing There

Your best friend is..?

4 Real

Your partner is..?

The Best Damn Thing

What’s the weather like..?


Favourite time of day..?


If your life was a book what would it be called..?

Things I’ll Never Say

What is life to you..!

My Happy Ending

Your last relationship..?


Your current relationship..?

I Love You

You fear..?


How would I like to die..?


What is the best advice you have to give..?


Thought for the day..?

What the Hell

My Motto..?

Nobody’s Fool


Your favourite form of transport..?


How I feel..?

Nobody’s Home

Your favourite colour is..?

Black Star

If you could change your name, it would be..?

Who Knows

I’m tagging 3 regular contributors to Monday Music…

Sarah from Boo Roo & Tigger Too

Misty from It’s Misty Seriously

Laura from My Life as a Mummy

And because I look forward to reading what they come up with…

Sonya from The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock’n’Roll Mum

Emma from The Mini Mes & Me

I choose Avril Lavigne because I have enjoyed her music since her first album in 2002 – I like shouting along to the lyrics, some full of teenage angst, a few nice ballads and lots of fun and feel good pop songs. In 2002 I was dating ‘My Sk8er Boi’, in 2004 when we married ‘Things I’ll Never Say’ appeared on the playlist. In 2007, a 3yr old Master E used to sing “I’m the one who wears the pants” along with ‘I Don’t Have to Try’. Madam growing up with this in the car knows most the words now too. Obviously I hold Avril and not myself for playing the music personally responsible for their odd obscene outburst from the children but considering my husband’s taste for heavy metal, she’s not worst.

This weekend I heard her new single ‘Here’s to never growing old’, I’m quite sure it’ll grow on me and we’ll all spend summer car journeys singing along. I was disappointed by the video as once again it is full of not so subtle advertising; after ‘What the Hell’ feeling more like an advert for Sony, this one makes sure you don’t miss the Ice Watch she’s wearing. I’m sure she’s not the only one and I may not be the best person to pass judgement, quite happily accepting a bit of shameless advertising on this blog – the big difference is in the size of our bank accounts!

I also see a very sad figure as she dresses in the outfit from her first single in the video. We all occasionally miss our carefree youth but I don’t share this desire to live in the past. You do yourself no favours yearning after days gone by, time speeds by, it’s an inevitability that you have to embrace or you’ll never be happy. There are new ways to enjoy and be fulfilled at every age and stage; enjoy the relationship you dreamt of as a teen, be the parents that you dreamt of as a couple and then be the couple enjoying a quiet meal or walk that you dream of as a parent. It takes work, things aren’t always perfect but looking back is never the way forward!

Perfect song for a potty training toddler..?