#SpecialK30 Linky Challenge - how I've changed...

#SpecialK30 Linky Challenge – how I’ve changed…

This year Special K celebrates a very special birthday – it’s 30 years since it hit the shops and for 30 years the original recipe has been a firm favourite. Yet they celebrate this special birthday by changing the recipe; I know it’s a little scary when something familiar gets changed but I promise new recipe compliments and adds to the original one and is just as delicious! It is now made with wholegrain, rice, wheat and barley and contains 8 essential vitamins and iron making it a full and healthy start to the day.

Which leads me to how I’ve changed in 30yrs…

How I've changed

Oh yes, change is scary and whilst I hope the changes in me compliment and add to my original deliciousness – I’m not so sure. I can’t clearly remember 1983, yes my memory’s not so good but let’s be fair I was only 2.

There was a very big change in my life in 1983 however, I went from only child to big sister…

How I've changed

Awwww look at that..!

I think the changes are obvious really, I’m a bit taller, my hair is longer, I probably know a little bit more yet believe a little bit less. If only we could live in a 2 year old’s mind for a day or so what a wonderful fun little world it must be.

Hang on a second, I listen and natter to my 2 year old day in day out – I wonder if there are as many ways I haven’t changed..?

How I've changed

I still have a huge pile of toys in my bedroom (and a cot)!

We have the same little wooden trolley full of bricks.

I spend a good part of my day playing with them, building towers, organising toy cars, pretending to make phone calls etc.

I play imaginary games on a daily basis, especially anything that involves needing a journey in anambulance or lying on a doctors couch.

I get excited and alert everyone when I see police car, ambulance, fire engine, digger etc.

I occasionally enjoy an afternoon nap if I get the chance.

My clothes are usually decorated with splashes of yogurt, spaghetti sauce and crumbs.

I still read ‘Where’s Spot’ before bed most nights.

Where's Spot
I’m often still pictured behind a pushchair.
I still adore my little sister!
Special K Challenge

This is my entry for the BritMums/Special K “How I’ve Changed” Linky Challenge and I was sent a box of cereal to try.