Adventures in London

The Adventures of Grandpa & Grandson…

The 2nd Challenge

When I set their first task, it never occurred to me they’d complete it so quickly. My plan was of course to keep them amused for a couple of days at least. Obviously quite up for a challenge the boys spent an entire day travelling around the London Underground and returning with a full set of answers.

So I’ve spent some time researching and quite literally ‘brewing’ up their second adventure…

London has always appeared magical to me; one minute you’re fighting crowds on a heaving Oxford Street yet slip down a side road and it’s possible to find yourself in such a quiet courtyard it’s easy to believe you’ve stepped into another dimension.

In the Harry Potter stories J.K. Rowling perfectly brings the mystery and wonder of the city to life. Famous London streets and sights are named in the books but is the magical world really behind them..?


Find the ‘real’ Diagon Alley.

Follow the path of the Death Eaters.

Can you find the entrance to the Ministry of Magic?

Peek in Gringotts Bank but don’t let the Goblins catch you!

The City of London is protected by magical beasts, what ones?

Is there only one Leaky Cauldron, or could it be a chain pub?

The Order of the Phoenix fly past a very important London house – which one?

Mr Weasly was confounded by a ticket barrier at which underground station?

Harry and Schoolmates board The Hogwart’ Express on Platform 9 & 3/4 at Kings Cross Station quite magically when they arrive at..?

London’s streets are indeed magic; did they tell you any other stories?


Whilst working on this challenge I stumbled across a little help! Richard from Discovery Tours has created a walking tour to show how accessible and affordable a family day out in London can be. He published The Harry Potter Tour online which is a free PDF anyone can download. It includes not only most the London Harry Potter film locations but also lots more wonderful stories in oddities of the city and a quiz for the children to fill along the way. I highly recommend anyone visiting London takes a look at this fantastic free resource, there’s an incredible amount of history and of course magic hidden in London’s walls that you don’t have to pay huge entrance fees to see.


~This is not a Sponsored Post just a wonderful free resource that I felt compelled to share, more to follow when challenge is complete!!~