A #Funee weekend…

So as we all know this weekend I was off at Britmum’s which meant I got to watch Helen our #Funee host get a well deserved Brilliance in Blogging Award for Laughs (yes I’m a fan). Helen also read one of her posts out during the Bloggers’ Keynote session – listening to all the speakers bring their posts to life was incredible, all of them should take up public speaking! Helen’s post had me laughing and crying in equal measures and just thinking about the risks our children will almost certainly take in their teens (because we did) gave me goosebumps!

Phew, deep – back to some #funee stuff…

I wasn’t with the children much this weekend but I manage to do ridiculous things without their help (or them to blame) like throwing fruit salad all over a group of ladies I’d not known long and walking up to poor Eliza do Lots and thinking she was someone else. Although it was still very nice to meet her!

Don’t worry though, I still have #Funees from the children because it has become such a huge part of our life that my Mum updates me with them after she’s been in charge.

She took C on the bus and it must’ve felt a long journey because on arrival he announced…

“We’re in Ireland.”

This had Madam explaining where they really were and where they were going, Babcia’s – and where does she live?

“In Babcia’s house”

She had a lot of knowledge to share with her little brother this weekend. On her cousin’s private nursery compared to C’s part-time place from September.

“That’s because she’s in a care home!”

Wot So Funee?