Adventures of Master E & Grandpa…


As Grandma and Grandpa are off on their travels again next week, we decided to go on another trip on the London Underground network. Sadly, there are no photos this time, but we went on a journey which Grandpa said was a mystery to test Mummy’s brain!

We set off on the Piccadilly and Victoria lines and ended up visiting canons but without gunners at this time. I tried reading the book of the man next to me but only recognised the word London but written Londres. Grandpa said it was French.

Then we popped on the London Overground and bus to see a cockerel.

Back on the OG and DLR we passed 5 rings and the orbit then onto the Hammersmith and City line to combat some hammers. I saw a man with a huge spiked mohican haircut and asked grandpa how did he manage to sleep at night!!

I wanted the front of the DLR driverless train but went too far up the platform so we had to dash back to jump on the train. It was grandpa’s first time on the DLR.

In reverse, we travelled on the Jubilee line glimpsing a canary and a millennium white elephant made good.

At Napoleon’s downfall we made our way back on SW trains to a bee hive. When grandpa explained the name of the station he said he was excited reading the destinations and always wanted to go to the places that the trains were going to. I didn’t see Japan so wasn’t so bothered.

For an easy clue we hopped on the 195 home, all courtesy of grandpa’s freedom pass.

I’ve worked out that I have now been on all the lines covered by tfl and a train network too.

Mummy, can you tell where we have been today?

Grandpa has some clues from things we bought if you need help. Good luck!

Master E

So yes Grandpa and E’s adventures have been put on hold whilst The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa resume as I do my best to follow their route down (or up?) the Mississippi. Also with summer upon us we’ll be having some adventures as a family, so keep an eye out for those…

Oh the answers; I know, do you?

Here are the clues and I’ll update the post with answers on Monday…