Always a bit of fun…

Parenting is certainly a roller-coaster ride because somewhere in all last weeks chaos, mayhem and frustration there was also all of this…

Encouraged by her sister Lil’F took her first shuffly step – I still wouldn’t say she’s walking but she’s trying ever so hard. She can stand up without help of furniture in the middle of the room which I don’t remember any of the others doing before they walked. It’s an odd launch pad for first steps as she stands, feet planted solidly on the floor a bit bouncy with excitement and pride at her achievement. All her concentration is on staying upright she’s happy upright and not going any further.

Madam kneels in front of her and she giggles as her sister cheers her on and encourages her with outstretched arms. She throws herself forward for a hug and her foot moves a bit as she does so.

‘That was a step Mummy, F took her first step, that counts Mummy it was definitely a step!’


I’ve been tired, the children are tired and last week this resulted in us all oversleeping; I get very disorientated and confused when I wake to a silent house – I look at the clock and panic, what’s wrong with the children, what day is it, where am I!? F full of cold had screamed most the night and hadn’t settled until 4am, now at 8.30 she was in a peaceful sleep. I was too confused and tired to think up a clever plan so I told the school the children were unwell and left them in bed.

I don’t feel guilty in fact I’m delighted I did!


It was the warmest day of the year and we took to the garden for the whole afternoon. We planted some more flowers and sunflowers to see who’s grows the highest. We watered our flowers and then needed to wash our hands, our feet and before long the trousers were off quickly followed by everything else. They ran around and screeched and giggled and I got to squirt them with the hose – I highly recommend this to any parent that’s been struggling with a lot of bad behaviour – whilst they think it’s a game you get revenge ๐Ÿ˜‰ I may be lining them up and hosing them down on a regular basis!


Finally soaked to the skin they wrapped themselves in dressing gowns and I taught them to fold paper boats. We built the foil river we’d seen on Pinterest and were desperate to try and raced our boats down the garden well into the evening.

tin foil river

On the weekend we had another wonderful day in the sun as our cousin turned one and they celebrated with a picnic in the park. I thought this was a great way to spend a 1st birthday, creating lovely memories of a special family day without going over the top which it’s so easy to do. The park they chose was perfect with large picnic benches, a huge adventure playground and paddling pool. The babies loved crawling around on their mats in the sun whilst the elder children (and men) charged around in the pool until the were all drenched again and then played frisbee in the sun to dry off. I think Flo thoroughly enjoyed her birthday with lots of big children to watch in awe, a Grandad to crawl over, she even looked interested in opening her presents and cards!


I’m spreading the linky love today and joining in with Country Kids at Coombe Mill to show that even in the city there’s lots of fun to be had outdoors, Monday’s Parenting Pin-It Party held this week at The Fairy and the Frog because I think the tinfoil river and paper boats are an absolute must to try this summer – and don’t forget my tip for fraught parents! Finally I’m also linking with Magic Moments at Oliver’s Madhouse because even on a tough week there’s been many!


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