Ministry of Magic

The ‘Magical’ Adventures of Grandpa & Grandson

Sailsbury pub

You set us the the task to follow the Harry Potter London Tour, so we set out from Leicester Square underground station on a really hot Saturday. We were following the tour set by Richard Jones which you recommended. We dodged the Death Eaters and went looking for the Leaky Cauldron. I was convinced it could be ‘The Salisbury’ especially as it was also used for films like ‘Victim’ and ‘Travels With My Aunt’. I completed the tour’s challenges as I went but I’m not giving away the answers because that would be cheating!




I was eager to find Hardy’s Sweet Shop which is almost as exciting as Honeydukes and I bought the HP special goody bag.It is now £10 but you get a great selection of frogs, wizards and disgusting beans!!

Hardy's Sweet Shop

Cecil CourtDiagon Alley

Following the tour is really easy as it so well described, so it was no problem finding the Real Diagon Alley. First challenge done Mum! We loved Cecil Court full of magic book and money shops.






We were now following the route of The Death Eaters and in Leicester Square I saw scratches on the wall above The Vue cinema which I suspect they made as they flew by casting unforgivable curses. Then we crossed Piccadilly Circus in front of the No 19 bus and along Shaftsbury Avenue passing Denman Street.


Back in Leicester Square we dodged the Death Eaters again but were dissappointed to find no red carpet so we headed straight for Trafalagar Square. For the tour’s 4th challenge we hunted for a certain plaque to find the missing item. Along Northumberland Avenue we passed the Sherlock Holmes pub and know what’s missing from the sign.

The hot weather was taking its toll on both of us, so we had a welcome rest and drink.

In Great Scotland Yard we passed the old police HQ. New Scotland Yard is to be replaced with a new building. They can’t call it New New Scotland Yard, so let’s have a competition for a new new name.

Ministry of Magic

We were now at the visitors entrance of the Ministry of Magic but the red telephone box was not there. Obviously, one of the magicians must have put an invisible spell on it!! They must have done the same to the Staff Entrance Gentleman’s Toilet in Whitehall, but we did find the red telephone box which must have been ‘magicked’ to a new location.

Ministry of Magic

Now we were in Parliament Square feeling so, so hot and I was just about done in.

We stopped again for a rest and drink and decided to call it a day.

When I  asked who the statues in Parliament Square were. Grandpa confidently replied “Prime Ministers” We rested under the statue of General Jan Smuts…

Jan Smuts

‘When was he Prime Minister Grandpa?’

‘Oops, confidence shattered.’

We had a brilliant time following the tour which was easy to follow and very informative especially for a Grandpa who knows nothing about HP. You also pass so many of London’s wonderful sites. We can’t wait to carry on soon.

And Mummy, The Death Eaters never came close!

Master E x