mike the knight

Mike the Knight Mission Set…

It’s probably not the most sensible thing during a spate of sibling rivalry to present the toddler with a sword and helmet but he adores ‘Mite the Nite’ and so when we were offered his Mission Set to review I couldn’t resist.

There was squeals of delight as he opened the box and enthusiastically sung the theme tune. The Mission Set consists of a foam sword and helmet with feather in the top just like the popular little hero. The helmet was very large on a 3 year old and could be worn by Master E and Daddy too although stayed on his head once the chin strap was tightened. The visor is hinged so it can be raised for daily walks around the kingdom yet lowered when it comes to battling a dragon (or your older brother as the case may be).

Mike the Knight Mission set

Toddler was ready for mission and awaiting his brother’s return from school, you’ll notice that being a gentlemanly knight he has a second sword on hand for his rival. Being a huge Mike fan he recently received the Electronic Sword for his birthday.

At his age I can be reluctant to buy character branded toys as toddlers are so quick to bounce from one obsession to the next. I like these toys because with the dressing up element they can be used for a variety of different role-play games and the occasional last-minute costume or party outfit and don’t become redundant if the character loses appeal.

I didn’t like the strap on the helmet, C wants it off one minute and on the next yet can’t manage to do it without my help. It’s made out of thick plastic and loops through a buckle to fasten which is a little fiddly and inflexible – I think elastic would work better. Swords also encourage them to hit one another which is never ideal but ‘boys will be boys’ and enjoy rough play so before handing it over I slapped myself a couple of times to check it couldn’t hurt anyone. I can confirm the foam sword is harmless, pretty tough and withstands plenty of abuse – our’s has been thoroughly tested!

The battle sorted their differences, a fun game ended in a treaty of peace and truce in time for bed.


~ Disclosure ~

The Mission Set which can be purchased at Character Online, RRP £14.99 provided for purposes of review.