Obsessed with dots…

Whilst at BritMum’s this weekend I stumbled across this pair of heels and fell instantly in love…


I had fallen head over heels πŸ˜‰ I do not need them, I can’t walk far in heels but I want them and have to have so reason with myself that they’d be the perfect pair to wear to the MAD Awards Ceremony.

Great idea, except what on earth matches blue velvet shoes with pink edges and polka dot straps and heels?

What I really want is a 50’s style swing dress but I just don’t have the curvy hourglass figure for them and would probably look like a child whose raided the dressing up box.

So to an internet search where I discover this beautiful silk polka dot gown by Giles Deacon at Avenue 32. It’s stunning and I’m in love but it’s way out of my price range and far too delicate to match the shoes. Never mind that maxi dresses are usually out of the question when you’re 5ft nothing!


Back to the drawing board, can I wear pink?

How do you find out if a colour suits you or not?

This is so typically me; I’m rubbish at buying clothes especially dresses but not shoes, I’m great at buying those! I buy a ridiculous pair and then have to plan an outfit around them. More often than not I will fail, have to admit defeat and buy a plain pair last minute but this time I’m on a mission.

I’m already going dotty like the shoes because whilst searching for polka dots there is of course only one thing that pops into your head and I’ve been humming it ever since my purchase.

So if all else fails..?


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