Spring Cleaning with Vileda…

I was delighted when Vileda sent me a huge pack of their products to try.

I mostly use recipes for natural cleaning products around the home and lots of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. I like the thought that I’m not adding lots of chemicals into my children’s environment although I’m not going to pretend to matyr to this idea – there are times when only Mr Muscle will do! My main reason was an addiction to ‘How Clean is your House’ in the days when I had too much time on my hands. I found that these did the job just as well, cost less and I liked watching them fizz and chucking the odd bottle of coke down the loo.

One of the essential parts to make natural cleaning better is good cloths and that’s exactly what Vileda sent Extra Power Scoureres, Non-Scratch Scourers a Style Dish Cloth, 1, 2 Spray Mini and the orange dusting cloth. In all honesty I wasn’t planning on doing too much with the scourers at first, I had my eye on the Spray Mini and Dusting cloth but so did my husband!!

Yes seriously he immediately pinched the spray mini for the inside of the car windscreen and orange duster for his glasses! The spray mini has a helpful picture showing it can be used to clean inside the car and is meant to be ideal for those who like sparkling clean with minimal elbow grease – well who doesn’t.



I let him have his fun and then pinched them back whilst he wasn’t looking. The spray mini’s handle can be filled with any cleaning solution so I used my old faithful window cleaner recipe which is simply vinegar, water and lemon essential oil and tried in out on the glass panels in our doors. The microfibre pad shone them beautifully and I love that it’s all contained in one so you don’t have to carry around a bottle because inevitably I put it down and in no time one of the children has begun to ‘help’ spray.


I tried the scourers sooner than expected too after forgetting to buy dishwasher tablets when shopping. For someone who hates washing up as much as I do this is an epic fail, I even find a quick rinse before stacking a dreadful chore. So I can’t honestly say they made the washing up any less painful but they did make it quicker.

You can get more information on Vileda products on their Facebook page.

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