Cute and #Funee…

Maybe not so much a #Funee as a #Cutie this week but Lil’F is beginning to speak and I wanted to document a few of her first words…

She’s like a parrot for repeating (we’re going to have to be very careful soon) and her first words were sound based like ‘Uh oh’ and ‘Oh Dear’!

Not long after that she perfectly copied her eldest brother’s name in the same way I summon him when he’s in trouble. She can now say all her sibling’s names although calls C by his alias of Bobby!?

His father called him this when he wore his ‘Bobby Dazzler’ t-shirt and he’s quite fond of it and often tells people it’s his name when they ask – confusing.

Mummy, Daddy, Bottle, TaTa (Star the cat), Toys, Nun Nigh, Ba Bye and of course NO said with great force all get lots of practice.

I love watching and listening to the way babies repeat, watch and practice with words – sometimes you can even see her lips quiver as she considers trying a new sound. One of the most recent being,

‘Norty, Norty’ (Naughty)

Each time it reminds me of the way The Shamen say it at the start of the song Ebeneezer Goode and gives me a giggle.

Wot So Funee?