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Mr Sun…

Has his hat firmly on and it’s a complete delight!

Ok there’s lots of reasons that the sunny days and small children don’t mix; I’ll refer you to Rock & Roll Mum’s fantastic post on this as I refuse to complain.

I find it makes things easier too…

It’s much easier getting dressed in the morning and the children off to school when you can remove having to hunt for tights, jumper, cardigan, coat from the list.

You don’t have to drag around quite as much stuff when you don’t need extra layers of clothing, welly boots, rain cover etc if you can trust the Bristish weather? Having said that these may be replaced with parasol, sun hats, cream, towels and more – don’t go to the beach unless you can drag a small trailer!

I’m more motivated to get things done and everyone seems more cheerful – could be the surge of Vitamin D?

You can kick the children outside, they can play outside, eat outside, I’ve even bathed mine outside with hose and paddling pool which means less mess inside and house work to do.

This means more free time in the evenings to sit like this…

paddling pool

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