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Saturday, 6th July 2013 – Gardens in the Night, Sun & Xmas in July!

Inspired by a very clever app I found just over a week ago for editing your videos I decided to start using them as a way to create my highlights from the week. Here’s my first I hope you enjoy nearly as much as I do…

The Saturday Show – 6th July 2013 from FamilyFourFun on Vimeo.

It seems our visit to The Night Garden last Saturday had set a theme for the weekend…

On Sunday the weather was amazing so we moved the inside out and took to the garden for a BBQ, lots of splashing and family fun. It looks like this weekend is going to be just as good, so if you didn’t get a chance last weekend make sure you make the most of getting outdoors whilst the weather’s fine!

There’s a picture of an official Lions Rugby ball in there somewhere; ever so kindly sent to us by HSBC…

Who’d have thought that my children would be such naturals when it comes to a game of Rugby? I have no idea who taught them but grabbing a ball from your sibling’s grip and legging it is second nature to E. Leaping on top of him to prise it from his grasp is Madam’s speciality – so watch this space England!

On Tuesday I was invited to be on the Mum’s Panel at Christmas in July , the selection of toys at the event was fantastic and I have made a draft list for each child. Oh yes, this may be my finest year – the one I’ve been dreaming about ever since E was born…

that one where I have my Christmas shopping done well before the December rush. See if you can spot some of the starring items – some were Mum’s Choice Award Winners!

I rushed away from the event to watch Madam’s year 2 performance of Jonah and the Whale – they were genuinely outstanding (not just through rose tinted’s)! The show had about 5 catchy musical numbers; one of the highlights (apart from Madam of course) for me was about 12, 6/7yr old boys doing the sailor’s hornpipe with a move that resembled Usain Bolt’s victory move executed with mass enthusiasm!

When not splashing in the pool we’ve been wedding planners for ponies, well Madam and I have – E has been growing his army of OiDroids! The My Little Pony Canterlot Wedding App was kindly shared with us by Egmont UK. It is so visually appealing to little girls and maybe to a Mum that was a huge fan of the pony toys in her own youth. The app is an interractive story so you read your way through, picking out music to be sung, bridesmaid’s attire and of course the dress itself!

Finally C had his trial day at nursery, it was a quick 30mins to meet the teachers in the space of which he played with cars, water, in the sand pit, built a tower and painted! When time was up we had a very uncharacteristic tantrum with ear splitting screams and kicking of legs because he didn’t want to leave. This got a laugh out of all the nervous looking Mums waiting in reception concerned that their child may not settle – I’m concerned I may never get him back..!

Hope everyone has a great weekend – We’ve only got 8.5 school days to go 🙂


This post does include some things we were sent to review but I wouldn’t include them in these highlights if they weren’t one.

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