We love this city…

There is no real rhyme or reason to my choice for Monday Music this week…

We’re a man down with Master E off at Knights & Castles Camporee. It’s the first time he’s been away this long without a family member. The whole weekend I felt sick with nerves and somewhere deep in my chest ached at the thought of my not so little man being without us. He wasn’t worried, in fact he was incredibly excited. I think these experiences are great for him and made sure he didn’t have a clue how sad I was saying goodbye.

When his Dad told me they had been split into 4 camps where they will compete with one another to be the most mighty knights and he had left them making bunting and signs to mark their territory I was reassured and relaxed, knowing what a wonderful time he was going to have.

Around 9ish his Dad started wondering if he should text his friend (who’s a scout leader) to say goodnight but he resisted the urge. This morning I woke up with the strangest empty feeling knowing he’d spent a night away and not how it went. Three children should be loads but his absence forms a massive hole and they seem to feel it too.

So Monday music should be about him but it’s not!

The other night in the car I heard this and it’s stuck in my head. I think it’s because of the wonderful time we had last week re-discovering our fabulous city. London in the sunshine is perfect although I feel like the only person not yet sick of the humid weather – I hope it lasts the whole summer!

This week Madam and I are heading up to Kensington Gardens for an event and afterwards are going to enjoy some girlie time shopping and I can’t wait!! It’s incredibly rare to have this time just with her. It’ll be weird but wonderful not to be weighed down by buggy and various parenting equipment. I’m going to let her dictate the day and thoroughly spoil her and myself a bit too.

So maybe that’s why I’m feeling a bit Rock n Roll..?