Glitzi Globes Showcase

Glitzi Globes Showcase Review…

Glitzi Globes is a new range of tiny collectible snow globes that the child puts together themselves, the range includes a starter pack, showcase and themed (add on) packs. The showcase allows you to create a pretty display for your mini-globe collection with a large spinning globe centre piece.

Glitzi Globes Showcase

Included in the pack is:

  • Showcase Base
  • Globe Maker
  • Water Bottle
  • Everything to make 4 mini-globes (4 clear domes, 4 base plates, 4 bases, mini-characters, deco shapes, glitter pellets)
  • Everything to make large globe (Dome, Base, Base plate, Spinning Pole, large characters, glitter pellets)
  • 2 shaker sticks for display
  • Instructions

The globe is very easily assembled by adding the base plate and character onto one side of the maker and the plastic dome top to the other. You then fill the dome with water, adding a few tiny decorative shapes and a pellet of glitter. Shutting the lid of the maker seals the globe which can then be put into a base and displayed on the showcase.

The large Glitzi Globe for the centre of the display is put together in a similar way to the small ones except that you add the characters and decorative elements to the base before adding the globe and filling it with water.

The showcase has space to keep everything together including the water bottle and maker. The bases have a shaped hole at the bottom that clicks into the showcase and also allows it to be held and worn inside a bracelet, ring or necklace (supplied in the starter kit).


The overall effect is very pretty and Madam loves them; so much so that she bought an extra themed set to fill her showcase with her own pocket money. It is very easy to put together and create a display identical to that pictured which is a positive in a craft kit which so often can be awkward, fiddly and disappointing. I was worried thought that it could be quickly shelved and forgotten but the collectible and wearable element extends it’s appeal.

I think the price of £12.99 for the starter kit, £19.99 for the showcase and £7.99 for the themed packs is reasonable and makes them perfectly affordable presents.

~ We were sent the Glitzi Globes Showcase to review, all thoughts and opinions are our own. ~