New Look Sandals

How my big toe is ruining summer plans…

Yes you read that right, my big toe has become quite the annoyance this summer!

You see some women like bags and some like shoes – I would be the latter! So when the sun is shining I want to make the most of the limited time we get to wear all the strappy sandals I buy in anticipation of days like these.

Problems started right back before Xmas bowling with the children and a large group of friends. The ball return on our lane obviously wasn’t working but the children and ‘big kids’ continued to play until I think most the balls in the place had disappeared into the gutter at the end of our lane.

With no balls left to play with someone finally went to tell the attendants it needed fixing and I assume with a quick flick of a switch it was churning out balls once more. The children gathered around to pick them out but I saw an accident waiting to happen so rushed over to get them to stand back – just in time for the accident to be me! The ball return, now full began to overflow and bowling balls bounced out; one straight on top of my toe!!

It was so painful I felt sick but one of those accidents that being so idiotic and watched by a large group I did was doing my best to laugh off even though I could hardly walk. The toe nail slowly went black and up until very recently was easily covered with dark nail polish but recently it has grown out just enough for the damaged bit to fall off.

So right now at the height of summer when I want to buy these or the pair above, I have half a rotten toe nail..!

New Look Sandals

So whilst New Look has sandals on sale I’m wondering if I should take advantage and hope for another summer like this one. Or just save the money to put towards a pair of boots like this instead..?

New Look Boots

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