Prodeck Hobbycraft

Saturday, 24th August 2013 – A little laziness before Lollibop…

Last weekend we were lucky enough to attend Lollibop Festival so this show includes lots of my favourite clips and photos from the day, you can read what we thought of it on my post.

It was a fun destination to wear our WOW Packs and they were great for carrying all the goodies and freebies the children collected as they walked around. These rucksacks with moving face parts really do attract attention and I forgot they were wearing them on several occasions wondering why children were pointing and saying look at that Mummy.

E is rarely unwell but the poor thing was struck down with an impressive fever this week. Luckily he chose the same day the younger 3 had been taken out to a farm so we were able to chill. We laid on the floor and tried out the ProDeck Skateboard Workshop we were sent be Hobbycraft. It is a great set with enough parts to make 10 mini decks. E enjoyed gluing the pieces together and leaving them in the press, it was perfect for a lazy day because I think in usual form he would’ve been impatient waiting for them to dry but today he was happy to lie and watch tv inbetween and even he realised the time goes quicker that way – I hope he remembers this in future!

Once the skateboards had dried he enjoyed finishing the edges in the battery powered sander although I had to attach the trucks and bearings as this was a little fiddly for him.

The bigger children have now left with Daddy for nearly a week of scout camp during which E will turn 9. I feel mixed guilt and disappointment not to be with him on his special day but Daddy will and he was adament he wanted to go. I have packed him a box of goodies for his birthday and Daddy says he’s going to give him the bumps for the first time!

The rest of my guilt is due to being relieved at having a quieter week with just the tots; you can tell the holidays are coming to a close as they have become far more argumentative and I am exhausted from playing referee. Although I’m already missing them and really looking forward to taking E on a special birthday outing to Thorpe Park.