SodaStream Source

We’ve been getting busy with the fizzy…

You know there’s some things in life that once you have you wonder how you ever lived without it?

Well that’s exactly how I feel about our new SodaStream Source we were sent to review…

sodastream source review

With the hot weather giving us all a constant thirst having chilled drinks in the fridge at all times has been a luxury. That’s not to say I’m dishing out fizzy drinks all the time but because the SodaStream water is best chilled it reminds me to keep a jug in the fridge.

The SodaStream Source is super easy to use; you just twist the gas cylinder into the back which will carbonate 60 litres of water. The bottle is 1 litre so you will be able to use it 60 times before the gas needs replacing. When it does the refill costs £20 but you a refunded £10 for returning the old one to be recycled.

It’s a smart-looking machine with LCD display so you can decide just what level of fizz you fancy. We had quickly tried the range of flavours included with the machine and so I ordered more cherry and lemonade along with the Kid’s Naturals as this range is completely free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. The standard range of flavours has 50% less sugar and carbs than leading (store-bought) drinks. I particularly like the ‘MyWater’ range which is an entirely unsweetened flavour essence for sparkling water.

SodaStream Kid's Naturals

We have also had some fun experimenting to see just how much cola and cherry you need to mix for the perfect blend along with adding vanilla essence to cola both with very succesful results. Our favourite blend so far was Kid’s Natural Strawberry with Pink Grapefruit for Yo Ho Punch. I find that adding Pink Grapefruit to most things gives it a tropical flavour and having checked the bottles of some big name brands know this is one of the flavours they use too.

SodaStream has the huge added bonus for me of being environmentally friendly by using one bottle that lasts for up to 2-3 years you could save 1000 single use plastic bottles a year. This reduces waste and your carbon footprint as well as working out much more cost-effective.

There’s more fizzy fun for children on SodaStream’s Kid’s Site with games, printables and more. When it comes to fun I couldn’t help but re-share the Saturday Show clip I made starring our SodaStream…

~SodaStream sent us a Source to review, all thoughts, opinions and FizzyFun is our own~