Summer Clutter…

I seem to have got to a point in the summer holidays where I’ve completely lost control of the housework! I’m just about managing to keep the kitchen and bathroom clean and clearing floors last thing in the evening but all sense of organisation has flown out the window. Washing is in roughly organised piles in the hallway but generally being pulled out and worn before I get as far as putting it into a wardrobe. Ironing has become a case of as and when required which regularly involves me doing hubby’s shirts half blind and bleary eyed at 6am!

There used to be a general sense of order to the children’s toys in the playroom but now they’re organised if they’re in the playroom which is a sea of legless Lego men and headless Barbies – it’s quite disturbing. The tower of balancing craft items and other things that must be put out of the baby’s reach is quite an achievement and possibly a work of art in its own right. Mess seems to have a magnetic quality of attracting more mess and new items keep joining the piles as we accumulate more on days out!

The most annoying thing is trying to find space for the brand new stuff for school, scouts and other clubs so in an attempt to try to keep it safe it’s in my bedroom which now looks more like a storage warehouse full of carrier bags and cardboard boxes. In corners there’s abandoned attempts at organisation prior to me being distracted or having to serve yet more food.

I’ve never been the tidiest of people or that great at housework but I do usually have some form of order and system that works for me. At times like this I believe entirely in Feug Shui because with so much clutter around I find it hard to organise everything, my whole brain feels scattered as I look around and try to decide where to start.

So I’ve decided to remain a scatterbrain for the next week at least because it’s obvious whilst the children are around all my efforts will only be undone. Next week though the older two go off to camp and I’m off on a mission. By the time they return the house will be well-ordered and prepared with everything in its place for the term time routine. I’m reclaiming my bedroom as a sanctuary free of children’s stuff and may even treat myself to some smart new furnishings and scented candles from John Lewis. The broken toys and long outgrown clothes days are numbered…

Hopefully I’ll be on top of things again just in time for the October half term and at least before Xmas when I’m sure it’ll all start again!!

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