Westfield Kids

Saturday, 10th August 2013 – Westfield London shoe shopping…

A slightly less exciting Saturday Show this week mostly taken on our lovely day out Shopping at Westfield London where I bought the children’s school shoes. This may be what led to the lack of more clips in the week; I needed a few days to recover from the shock after the till rang up 4 pairs of shoes!!

I am not the biggest fan of shopping centres, especially with 4 children in tow but had a fantastic day at Westfield which can only be testament to how wonderful their family services are which I will bring you more details of in the week.

So here is this week’s video which I feel may be the calm before an epic (yes that is the word, just ask the kids) and very exciting one next week. Our destination for today’s outing is so exciting I’ve managed to keep it a secret from the children and can’t wait to capture their faces when they arrive..!

You may notice the clip ends abruptly as C took “sampling the delights of Westfield” a little too literally and began drinking from the fountain!