Blingles Glimmer Review

Blingles Glimmer, Glam Styler…

Last Christmas Madam got the Blingles Bling Creation Studio; this has to be one of the most successful and clever craft kits we’ve owned yet. It involves placing gems on a predesigned template to create a design which is then transfered onto a sticky backing that can be applied to almost anything.

I still have gems on the back of my phone cover, Madam has them decorating her bed, bag, we’ve used it to create jewellery and decorate cards and gifts. The studio is easy to use and Madam independently create these gem stickers and they come out just as illustrated, advertised and expected.

This year Blingles have added a glimmer range to their gem range; this includes the Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler and a range of theme packs which create glimmer (very fine glitter) stickers.

The Glimmer Studio comes with 4 coloured glitter, a pen for adding gems, brush for dusting glitter, the unit with collection tray, sheets of stickers and gems. Just like the gem range the design of the studio has been thoroughly thought through to be neat, effective and easy to use. There are ridges behind the pots of glitter for resting the lid in, a tray to dust excess glitter in so it can be returned to the pot and a small tray for keeping gems in.


blingles glimmer review

Creating your sticker is easy, you choose a design and place it on the tray removing each colour section individually. After removing, lets say all the pink parts you remove the lid of the glimmer pot which has a built in roller and roll it across the sticky section. After dusting excess away you repeat this for each different colour. Some designs have a space to add a gem to really give the sticker a ‘bling’ finish. Once each section of the sticker is complete you peel the sticker away from the bottom layer and it can be stuck to many surfaces.

Overall I find the studio just as impressive as the bling (gem) creator, it’s easy, madam can create pretty and sparkly stickers that turn out perfectly, on her own without any fuss of frustation. The only thing that this product lacks in comparisson to the gem version is due to the nature of these template stickers being in no way reusable. The gem templates can be reused again if you get more sheets to create the sticky backing however the stickers in this pack once filled with glitter are finished.

The Glimmer Studio from Character Option’s is priced around £20.00 with add-on themes approximately £8.00 I think it’s great value for money and would be more than happy to buy it and the theme packs as gifts especially considering the quality of stickers it creates. I highly recommend both the Blingles products.

~ We were sent The Glimmer, Glam Styler to review all thoughts and opinions are our own. ~