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Family Staycation Ideas for the Half Term…

The term, ‘staycation’ may be a relatively new one but the essence of the holiday behind the word has been around for a while. In short, a ‘staycation’ is a holiday like any other holiday, except you don’t leave your own home. You still take the time off work, you still try to keep the internet and phone use to a minimum but you make the most of your local amenities instead of heading to a completely different destination. Think day trips that are the maximum of a drive away, fun-filled days full of activity and exhausted kids at the end of it.

While cheap family holidays are still possible to achieve, sometimes, it’s just not financially feasible once you’ve factored in the excursions and spending money. Take away the struggle of affording accommodation by choosing a staycation and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much you can fit into a week at home. Of course, it’s doubtful that you’d turn your nose up at a holiday away, and with competitions such as the one by Cushelle and Butlins, that gives you a chance to win a family break, you never know – you could get that escape. If not, here are some fabulous ideas for a staycation to remember from our summer…

Arts and Crafts 

Spend a day enjoying an at home activity, without having to reach too far into your purse. Use things that you can find around the home and whatever’s tucked away in the art box to make some fabulous creations. Start looking ahead towards Christmas and consider making homemade cards and gifts that will mean the world to family and friends.

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Another idea that won’t cost the Earth! Let your kids get covered in flour and give them an afternoon to remember. Resist the temptation of taking over and let them do exactly what they want to do. In the end, you’ll have some nommy treats to taste test. Honest.

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Trips to Local Attractions 

It’s amazing what the towns and cities local to you have in store for families, especially during the half term. Plan an itinerary to include trips to museums or special events and get the kids involved with any half term activities that may be available.

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Woodland Walks 

Autumnal walks in the local woodland and forest areas are great fun for all. From jumping in the mounds of fallen leaves to playing an epic game of hide and seek, it’s great to be closer to nature and often completely free, too!

Of course, you could just spend your time building dens and playing in the garden – half term doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

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