Thorpe Park Swarm

#Funee Boys at Thorpe Park…

I was really looking forward to spending a bit of mother/son time with Master E on our outing to Thorpe Park on the weekend although from the moment his friend got into the car it was quite clear I was now nothing but essential chaperone.

I have no problems with this at all, I enjoyed sitting back, listening to and observing the interactions of 9-year-old boys.

Thorpe Park Talk

Firstly who says they talk less than girls? These two didn’t stop, each ride was examined on the map, every detail and statistic analysed, learnt and memorised for the rest of the day. Every class mate was subject to discussion as they considered everything from the most daring (who would ride Saw), to shortest (who wouldn’t nearly be tall enough to ride), who would believe they’d visited and quite randomly who has the oldest parents (apparently I may not think it but I am incredibly young with Dave’s Dad being 52)!!

The other myth is that girls go to the loo more! We purchased refillable cups which is an absolute must especially when blessed with wonderful weather as we were. This started a pattern of drink, ride, pee and repeat. Luckily Thorpe Park has plenty of facilities so we were always passing on our journey between rides. I think the appeal of the ‘Poop Deck’ may have been a factor too.

Thorpe Park Poop Deck

Tidal Wave was closed (I know we were incredibly disappointed) which lead to a stream of concerning speculation as to why; followed by serious debate as to how many people actually die on Saw each year.

Luckily later, much to their entertainment Loggers Leap was stopped by someone jumping into the enclosure “most definitely drunk”! This meant they got to meet and chat to a park engineer who assured them no-one had drowned in Tidal Wave or died on Saw.

Thorpe Park Colossus

Boys are football mad! At lunch time in the 360 Grill they joined the ranks of boys and men who realised their day at a theme park had not been ruined by missing the Man U v Liverpool game which was being shown. The lure of the theme park did not remove them from the final 5mins of the game. This wasn’t a problem as I was very grateful for a comfortable place to sit and enjoy a very reasonably priced meal whilst they were entertained by football and the XBox.

Finally evidence they don’t grow up as I assure you the pose was not their idea but one suggested by E’s Uncle…

Thorpe Park Wishing Well

Wot So Funee?