Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit

I should be so lucky…

Lucky, lucky, lucky…

Yes that’s been sung on the wonderful Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit we’ve been sent along with many other numbers as there’s literally thousands of songs to pick from!!

I’m not sure the rest of the family feel as lucky having to listen to me warble out all my favourite hits but quite frankly that’s just tough as it’s too much fun not to. This is one of those things that you get and think ‘I wish we had this when we were young’. To be fair actually we did have a Karaoke machine but as I remember it, it consisted of a huge speaker with a tape deck on top and you still had to read the words off a piece of paper. I don’t think the microphones gave much real power to your voice either which my mother probably considered a good thing.

Needless to say the Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit is a good deal more impressive.

The kit consists of a Microphone mixer which is plugged into your computer via the headphone socket and then into a speaker, you may use your TV Speakers, PC Speakers or an iPod Dock (and I imagine any other speaker that has the connection for a phono audio cable). Plugged into our TV it plays clear and incredibly loud. The mixer may be used to control the volume of the first microphone (included), a second microphone, the music and add echo if you fancy.

The music and words are provided on the Lucky Voice Online Karaoke site which does require a subscription and after a 14 day free trial costs £4.99 per month but there’s no minimum sign up and you can cancel easily at any time. The website is easy to use and contains almost every hit you can imagine, as long as you’re not my husband who has slightly more obscure taste!! You may create playlists of you favourites and there are already some pre-made with ‘hits of the 90’s’, ‘duets’ etc. Your account also lets you know how many songs you’ve sung…

luckyvoice karaoke

171 songs..!!

We’ve only had it just over a week and set it up twice but once you start it’s very hard to put down. Session one consisted of me (mostly me), Master E and Madam T putting it through it’s paces and whilst I found all my favourites, the children found Gangnam Style and E gave singing in Korean a good shot and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, it’s hard to say if this was much better! Madam at 7 still finds reading, singing and listening at the same time complicated and I suddenly saw an educational bonus in it and was impressed by E reading words like commiserate, sympathise without a second thought. Madam managed a lot better with the songs she knew so after a bit of Katy Perry and with C wanting in on the action; we found plenty of children’s songs included.

I wasn’t as brave as Helen to film myself singing which you probably should be grateful for and although I tried to capture E singing ‘Pass The Dutchie’ in full Jamaican accent he was having none of it and I have to respect his privacy – grrrr! The second time we put it on I was shocked to see hubby take to the mike, he even sung duet with me which if you knew his you’d know is testament to how much fun this really is. It was this time without the children around that I discovered even hits from the musicals are on the playlist including On My Own from Les Miserables – ssshhhhh don’t tell anyone or they may take it away from me.

I barely have a single complaint about this kit, the only thing that annoyed me was having to use our TV Speakers and only having a HDMI to connect the laptop to the TV means I can’t have both sound and the words on my big screen at the same time. This is probably easily remedied by using separate speakers or connecting the laptop via a different cable but for now it has me a little frustrated. We haven’t searched for many songs we couldn’t find and those we have were a little more obscure, Levellers, Pantera, Skid Row and we weren’t surprised not to find them.

It looks like for the forseeable future every party will be planned with a Karaoke theme and I can’t wait to get it out at Xmas as I’ve already spotted a few carols for a festive sing-a-long.

~ We were sent The Lucky Voice Party Box to review which retails at £49.99 all thoughts, opinions, earache, headaches and lost voices are our own. ~