Pinkie Cooper

Pinkie Cooper & Friends…

Pinkie Cooper from Flair is one of those dolls you’ll either love or hate being a combination of human doll and toy spaniel. Strangely enough when I saw her back at Xmas is July I was strangely taken by this interesting idea for the newest trendsetting doll and couldn’t wait to see what Madam thought.

“Ooooh, Ahhhh, Wow” and then ‘”Yes!! I love you Mummy.”

I don’t buy Madam dolls often, I’m not a big fan of many that depict unrealistic looks of the female form, so why do I like this one? I think it’s because of the fact she’s already unrealistic in being a dog and not a girl. So I got huge Mummy points for delivering this one!

Pinkie Cooper and friends (Ginger Jones and Pepper Parsons) are styled as jet-setting ‘IT girls’ with pets to match and Pinkie’s travel set can be bought styled for London, Paris or Beverly Hills.

The doll feels incredibly well made with smooth soft plastic that can be bent at the joints. The detailing on the face is pretty, including the huge eyes and full eyelashes. She comes with hairbrush, pet pooch, location sticker and 2 accessories; in the London set which we received these were camera and umbrella. I do not like the closed eyes on the pet dog personally and think it makes it look a little menacing but Madam didn’t agree.

pinkie cooper

So I passed over to Madam asking her to tell me what she likes best about these dolls, there wasn’t much she didn’t. As usual she is tempted by the collect-ability and how easy it is to change their clothes, hair and ears and add the accessories. The very soft hair which she loves can be brushed and styled. She likes the variety of outfits and themes for the different countries which as someone who collected dolls on her travels as a child, I can completely relate to.

Overall we like both like the look and style of Pinkie although I must admit I would be hesitant to spend the RRP of £24.99 for The Deluxe Travel Collection this is mainly because I don’t see Madam play with these dolls often but if she did I may think differently. The price is in line with other brand dolls and the individual dolls, dogs and accessories are far more reasonable being priced between £9.99-£15.99 and would make perfect party gifts and stocking fillers.

~ We were sent Pinkie Cooper for purposes of review all thoughts and opinions are our own. ~