Walkers mighty lites

When reviews go wrong with Walkers Mighty Lites…

Last week we were sent a brand new box of Walkers Mighty Lites to taste. It contained 3 multi-packs; one of each flavour of this brand new range of crisps, Cheese & Onion, Ready Salted and Roast Chicken. Where are they I hear you cry, let’s see!?

Ummmm, well I think I may have eaten them.


I thought I’d just have one pack of the Cheese & Onion flavour but they really are delicious; crinkly and melt in your mouth so one pack lead to another and then I thought they’d make a perfect crisp sandwich. So I started buttering bread around the same time hubby must have┬áheard me crunching and started pinching them from my packet (a habit which I absolutely loathe) so I snapped at him to go and get his own.

He spotted the Roast Chicken, his favourite flavour so a second of the multi-packs was now open and beginning to disappear fast!

Two of us munching alerted the children who started asking for a packet, well it’s the summer holidays and I’ve got to the point where I’ll do anything for an easy life. I just wanted to eat my delicious cheese & onion crisp sandwich in peace…

They can’t talk with crisps in their mouths (or at least know they shouldn’t) so I flung the Ready Salted multi-pack in their direction and the last multi-pack was open. With 4 children (well 3 that eat crisps) by the time I’d eaten my sandwich all 6 packs had been devoured and they were beginning to look for more.

The sandwich was perfect; I don’t eat crisps often but when I do cheese and onion is usually my flavour of choice and I binge (you don’t say) on cheesy stinkyness! The flavour of these is spot on and one that I’d definitely buy again. The crisps are light in the way that they melt in your mouth in a moorish yumminess which may explain their limited lifespan in our household.

Luckily for us, they are called Lites because they contain 30% less fat on average than other crisps and no artificial preservatives or colours. Each flavour is suitable for vegetarians and entirely gluten-free.

Later that night on Facebook I saw people mentioning their lovely packs of Walkers and remembered with guilt our earlier binge. Luckily Sarah at Boo Roo and Tigger Too charged in to my rescue with a beautiful set of images to share so you know what to look out for in the shops.

walkers mighty lites

Because I certainly would recommend buying them. Although I mostly stuck to the cheese & onion because it spoils the cheesy appeal if you mix flavours too much, I did try at least one crisp of each flavour and think they are just as flavourful as any other crisp so cutting out some of the fat can only be a bonus. The children loved them just as much and I am always keen to cut artificial junk from their diet but don’t want to be seen as too strict or restrictive so these are a wonderful compromise to me.

If all that isn’t testament to their yumminess; maybe this will be…

Walkers mighty lites

~ Thank you Walkers for sending these delicious crisps for us to try and sorry for eating them all before remembering our obligation ~