Saturday, 28th September 2013 - Little Lady & Lucky Voice...

Saturday, 28th September 2013 – Little Lady & Lucky Voice…

Spoilt with my parent’s here to help with the school run I’ve had the chance to take this week at a much slower pace and enjoy a little bit of quality time with my youngest. We’ve also been spoilt by incredibly mild weather for September allowing us to sit outside and try and tidy the garden a little before winter sets in. Fifi is saying new words and doing new things every single day at the moment and is such a pleasure to watch. She’s still as determined as ever; having been given a mini hot chocolate by a well meaning waitress a the cafe the other morning my hand was firmly shoved away when I tried to stop her spilling it. She did a very good job, not wanting to spill a drop of the precious liquid but eventually she did end up wearing it as her Daddy had so helpfully predicted.

My slower pace has not been mimicked by the children, C and Madam headed off with Grandma and Babcia to Kew Gardens and had a lovely time at the IncrEdibles Festival. The festival includes huge mushrooms made of cane which they could play under, giant carrot tops to perch on and huge pumpkins ready for Halloween harvest and is on until 2nd November.

At the same time E headed up to Leicester City to watch a match with Grandpa and they had an amazing day! Firstly Leicester won, they enjoyed a few meals, wander around the city and saw the Richard the III Exhibition. King Richard’s remains were recently found in a Leicester car park by a team from Leicester University. Master E was fascinated by the facts of his skeleton and came home full of information. He also came home on a mission; whilst Leicester hope to keep his bones, having been the Duke of York they are petitioning for him to be re-interred there and have more signatures on their petition. So if anyone feels so inclined to petition to keep his remains in their original resting place please sign Leicester’s Petition. I would be fair and give you the link to York’s too but have noticed it has now closed – you have until 12th Oct to sign for Leicester.

We’ve made a few changes and additions to our Fluval Edge, marine set-up. Swell UK kindly sent us a powerhead to add more flow and our custom lighting arrived. All set and with water parameters settled for 2 weeks we added 2 soft corals and clownfish and I will be adding some YouTube Clips next week to show you what’s been done and how it’s getting on.

There’s been singing and lots of it! We’ve had a Lucky Voice Party Box to play with and can’t wait to tell you more about it so watch out for that. There’s been dancing too of course with Strictly Come Dancing back for my winter viewing pleasure but slightly ruining my twitter pleasure. I rarely get to watch any show on time so have to avoid any social media which may give away the results until I’ve seen them, so if I disappear on the weekends now you know why.

Finally C was at Nannies this weekend and collected worms in the garden with Grandad and was completely delighted by watching them in his mustard pot. I was really pleased to see him investigating creepy crawlies and getting his hands a little dirty as he’s previously been incredibly wary and at times terrified of both.

Hope you all have a great week and lots of linky love…

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