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Saturday, 7th September 2013 – Something special, Thorpe Park & Back to School…

This week the older two headed back to school but not before we ended our summer on a high with a funny day turning into a spectacular evening at Thorpe Park.

We set up our wonderful new fish tank and started a YouTube Channel to show you what we did. The tank has been cycling for a week and we’ve been testing the water every other day, Madam particularly likes to read the results. They’re are looking good now and it’s nearly settled enough for us to add our clean up crew which we’re very excited about. Look out for our update on setting up the tank and testing the water coming soon.

It has been almost impossible to get a picture of Lil’F in her new outfit from Zulily as she is so active at the moment and blurs every shot. So for now, I’ve just about managed to capture her on a clip but even here she wouldn’t stop toddling long enough for me to get a good shot. I don’t mind putting her in this cheerful outfit often so hopefully I’ll be able to show you it more clearly soon.

She’s so funny at the moment, playful and able to make her likes and dislikes clear. She unites the whole group of siblings through their desire to entertain and interact with her. I’ll be sad to see her all alone when C starts nursery but he’s so excited and eager to play with children his own age and be a ‘big boy’ at school like E&T.

We’ve also had Skwooshi to play with, what’s Skwooshi? Watch out next week and we’ll tell all!

Finally don’t forget to join us next Thursday from 4-6pm on Twitter when we’ll be having a #somethingspecialparty with Mr Tumble and lots of our blogging friends.

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