school run

The School Run…

Sometimes I love it other days I loathe it!

My mood on the walk is rarely dictated by the weather, I don’t mind the fresh air that clears the cobwebs on a cool morning or the beautiful sunshine that puts a smile on everyone’s face and a spring in our step. I prefer it’s not bucketing down with rain as this means more things to find before getting out the door, rain coats, wellies and attaching the damned buggy cover!

Nope, my mood is dictated by that of the children’s!

On the days when they bicker, seem to try to trip one another, push and shove like the pavement isn’t big enough and cling to the buggy dragging their feet and making it even more awkward to push over the bumpy pavement – I loathe it.

Other days we natter and play games, C gets off the buggy board and runs ahead with his siblings, they giggle and I love it.

Then there’s moments like this…

ย school run


Times when I have to stop and take a photo, email it to Daddy and pray I can somehow capture this moment for eternity. Because every loathed walk is forgotten, every bit of nagging to get out the door is worth it. The entire route was spent heads together in quiet conversation (I daren’t guess what they were planning) and most the way holding hands which is a very rare sight these days. I walked and I watched and I burst with pride.


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